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Stay Tuned: Dean Pierose


Don’t forget to look for our next Member Monday post tomorrow, featuring Dean Pierose, the owner of Cucina Deli.image

And in case you were wondering, its the perfect place to visit on a snowy Sunday afternoon.

→ Member Monday: Meet Dean at Cucina Deli


I entered Cucina Deli at 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon, assuming that I had arrived between the lunch and dinner rush. I assumed wrong- I came just in time for the latte rush. Dean Pierose, owner of Cucina, invited me to take a seat at one of the few empty tables and wait. Nine lattes later, he…

My daddy!!

matthups said: Hello, do you know the place where the pipe is from (from the post that you said was Maria's pipe)? I'm baked right now and it looks magical and it want to find it if at all possible

All I know is she got it in a pipe shop in Missoula, Montana!